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Enlightening Human Unity in Auroville

Auroville & Africa

Resurrecting the Spiritual Eye and Cradle of Humanity

Resurrection means, for us, the falling off of the old consciousness, only a rebirth, but a sudden change with a complete rupture with the past. A new World, based on the truth and refusing old slavery to falsehood, wants to take birth. In all countries, there are people who are aware of this, or at least feel it. To them we call: “Will you collaborate?”

The Mother

Auroville invites the new generation of humanity to join them in the challenging task of creating a new and more beautiful tomorrow. Let us all come together and work for the advent of a new world of which Peace & Unity are the foundation, Diversity & Dynamism are the ways of action, and Harmony & Happiness are the constant results.


Farming & Culture

Volunteer With Us

African Pavilion is part of the International Zone of Auroville. It’s purpose is to help all the nations of Africa become familiar with the Mother and Sri Aurobindo’s teachings and increase awareness and participation of Africans in the Auroville project. Africa Pavilion symbolises the spiritual realisation of an actual “United States of Africa” – a call to the present and future African generations to make a bold and quick move towards unification. African Pavilion is envisaged as a place where African students and guests could be welcomed, accommodated and can come into direct contact with the atmosphere of Auroville.

Where there is Unity there is Victory

Africa House is the project of the African Pavilion Group. The approach is to create a complex of buildings that will house activities and presentations related to all the cultures of the African continent.

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